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What Type of Spare Tires Can You Choose From?

You can't draw on a flat tire. Doing so is dangerous. When putting a temporary donut-sized spare tire on the care, safety depends on how you drive. A donut can suffer a blowout at even slightly high speeds. If that's what you have in your trunk, use it solely to drive to a tire service station carefully.

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Choosing the Best Tire for Your Ford Vehicle

Without the proper set of tires at the right time, your vehicle can operate but will operate at a staggering level. Whether it be passenger, winter, or all-season tires, it's good to know what's best in the Owings Mills, MD area. For greater details regarding each category of tire, our team at Len Stoler Ford is here to lead you in the right direction.

Passenger Tires- Passenger tires provide year-round traction even in light snow.

All Season Tires- The tread of all season tires, has sipes or thin slits in it. These slits all for traction during dry…

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Tips to Protect Your Car When a Cold Snap Hits

Cold weather can wreak havoc with your vehicle, causing damage to the engine, the battery, even the tires. The risk is magnified during a cold snap, as temperatures may drop overnight and make the morning commute even more challenging.


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You know that you should stay on top of the forecast. Here are some additional tips on preparing and protecting your vehicle for winter:

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