You can't draw on a flat tire. Doing so is dangerous. When putting a temporary donut-sized spare tire on the care, safety depends on how you drive. A donut can suffer a blowout at even slightly high speeds. If that's what you have in your trunk, use it solely to drive to a tire service station carefully.

Perhaps purchasing a full-sized spare would be a better plan. If you have a fifth tire identical to the four presently on the vehicle, switching a tire becomes much easier. Of course, the driver does need to procure a replacement spare. Driving in Owings Mills, MD without a spare isn't advisable.

Another option involves keeping a non-matching spare tire available. Non-matching tires provide more durability than a matching one but shouldn't stay on the vehicle too long. It is best when all four tires match.

Len Stoler Ford is home to a service station that can provide tire service and replacements. Bring your car here for tire needs and more.

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