Ford's Escape is a hit at Len Stoler Ford, and we want to highlight a few of the amenities that make it popular in Owings Mills, MD.

Two of those amenities, a rotary-dial gear shift, and a digital instrument cluster, combine to help you engage with the road. The dial replaces a traditional gear selector, and it lets you access several driving modes. Each mode's name indicates its purpose. Most of the time, you'll use Normal, Sport, or Eco. Sometimes, you'll be quite thankful to have Slippery and Deep Snow/Sand available, too. You'll see your selection in rich detail on the digital cluster. This amenity also shows your speed, fuel consumption, and other vital info about your Escape.

If you seek memorable drives, you'll want the available Panoramic Vista Roof. It gives every passenger an ample view of the space above your Ford Escape. Imagine the perspective that the roof will give you on clear nights in the country.

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