The Traction and Handling of the Ford Explorer ST

Most people are familiar with the Ford Explorer. This vehicle has an excellent reputation for reliability. You may not be as familiar with the Explorer ST available from Len Stoler Ford in Owings Mills, MD. The ST is the performance model of the Explorer. It provides you with great acceleration along with superior handling and traction control.

The Ford Explorer ST is equipped with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive. This is a system that is designed by Ford to give you the best traction in inclement weather. The system will monitor the wheels for loss of traction. If that is detected, power is routed to the wheels with better traction so that you maintain control.

The Ford Explorer ST also is equipped with hill descent control. When you are coming down from mountainous terrain, this feature lets you concentrate on steering while the system controls the brakes and throttle to get you down hills safely.

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