Travel to Many Destinations in Style in a Ford EcoSport

After you crank the Ford EcoSport's engine and press its gas pedal, your journey will be pleasant. The driver's seat will provide comfort as cool air enters through the moonroof, and you'll have opportunities to listen to great music on a convenient 8-inch console.

Fancy trimming is stitched around the driver's seat and passenger's seat. Underneath both seats, there is a heating element that boosts comfort on cold days. During the spring and summer, the moonroof is quite useful because it lets refreshing air into the cabin, and thanks to its sunshade, intense sunlight will never affect you while the panel is opened. When you want to play music, you can access tracks and radio stations using buttons, icons, and knobs on the center console.

Ford's 8-inch console is packed with many features, and you can check most of them out while visiting Len Stoler Ford in Owings Mills, MD. We provide test drives around town to highlight important Ford EcoSport features.

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