The Ford Mustang Handles Better than Ever

The Ford Mustang remains one of the most popular sports cars in the country. Over the years, the muscle car has undergone a number of upgrades. Recent innovations ensure that the vehicle offers better handling, which makes the Mustang even more pleasurable to drive. See the new models in our Owings Mills, MD Len Stoler Ford inventory. Treat yourself to a test drive.

Whether driving on a straightaway or entering tight curves, the Ford Mustang was designed to perform capably. A dampening system continually monitors road conditions and makes adjustments automatically as needed. The upgraded rear suspension combines with the knuckles and H-arms to reduce body movement and ensure optimal handling ability.

The power steering technology has three settings. Choose comfort for minimal steering effort. The Normal setting provides a little less steering power. The Sport mode requires drivers to remain alert and necessitates more effort to steer the Ford Mustang due to increased traction.

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