The Special Technology of the Ford EcoSport

When you are seeking out an SUV, you have to think about the size of vehicle that you want as well as the features that you would like that vehicle to have. The Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV and a vehicle with technology that is advanced.

The touchscreen on the Ford EcoSport can be connected to your phone, allowing you access to the kinds of apps that are a part of that phone. There is a special app for the Ford EcoSport that allows you to check the fuel in your vehicle from a remote location while also giving you the opportunity to lock and unlock your doors while away from your vehicle.

If you are interested in the Ford EcoSport for the technology that it offers, stop by Len Stoler Ford to learn more. Our team here in Owings Mills is eager to give you more information and get you out to test out the Ford EcoSport for yourself.

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