Compare the Full-Size Ford and GMC SUVS

The Ford Expedition is built with a sporty frame that can provide benefits during different towing situations. The 2018 GMC Yukon is also engineered with convenient hardware that simplifies traditional and off-road towing tasks. Both brands design practical cars for towing because many of the trim options can help you reach wilderness and urban destinations in an efficient and safe manner, which is why the Expedition and Yukon are popular options for families in Owings Mills, MD. If you need an automobile that can help you tow heavy equipment effectively during major towing routines, you may want to pick a Ford Expedition since it has reasonable cargo space and security options.

Towing is an easy task to accomplish while driving a 2018Expedition because the engine generates reasonable torque. This torque helps the Ford Expedition transport products that weigh up to 9,300 pounds. Many vehicles by GMC can also support heavy objects, and this is why consumers drive the Yukon during strategic towing situations. The 2018 Yukon has racks for sports equipment and options for traditional cargo. However, because the Ford Expedition is one of the best towing vehicles, it's a suitable automobile for general towing projects.

In order to experience the torque that a Ford SUV can provide, you must test drive the automobile. Test drive the Ford Expedition Len Stoler Ford soon.

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