Two Smart Features to Consider in the Ford C-Max

It is an exciting time of year here at Len Stoler Ford because we have the all-new Ford C-MAX on our lot. This compact hybrid not only is a unique vehicle to drive, it also has smart features that make driving easier and safer too.

The rear back-up camera system in the new Ford C-MAX helps to increase driver visibility as you shift into reverse. Soon as the vehicle begins moving backward, the center console screen becomes a camera monitor and allows the driver to easily see things that are stationary or could be moving into your path.

The Enhanced Active Park Assist system is unique in that it helps the driver to not only park the vehicle safely but to find a parking space easily. Once the system has been activated by the driver, sensors scan for the right size space to park, then prompt you to brake, shift, and accelerate while steering is done for you.

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