Keeping the Car's Cabin & Engine Air Filters Clean

Your vehicle has air filters like those in your house, working to keep out things like dirt and dust so clean air passes through. Here’s why clean air filters are important.

The cabin air filters are responsible for keeping things like mold spores and other allergens from entering the air inside your vehicle. Clogged filters allow everything to pass through, and greatly reduce the air quality inside your vehicle while you're driving.

The vehicle's engine air filters are responsible for making certain the cleanest air gets into the engine. By keeping out things like dirt and dust, the car engine is able to perform at a peak state. Dirty air filters can reduce overall engine performance and acceleration.

If you have not cleaned or replaced those air filters in a while, bring your vehicle to our service center here at Len Stoler Ford so we can inspect them and replace if they are no longer functioning.

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