Warning Signs Your Exhaust in the Car is Leaking

Dangerous gases need to be taken away from the car engine by way of the exhaust system. If you see any of these warning signs, take action as quickly as you can.

Open the hood of your running vehicle and listen for a hissing or popping sound coming from where the exhaust manifold connects to the engine block. Get near the tailpipe and see if you can hear a whistling sound, a sign of a buildup of back-pressure.

Inside the running car you might be able to feel for exhaust trouble too. Feel the steering wheel for signs of a new vibration. Use your foot on the gas pedal to feel a vibration too, signs the pipes may have a hole or the muffler is full of condensation causing the system to be off balance.

Don't neglect trouble with the exhaust system, get over to our service center at Len Stoler Ford before the issue gets worse.

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