eVIP Program

If you're like most people? you have a pretty busy schedule to keep pace with. Between work, family, errands, and getting out now-and-then to enjoy a little "me-time", there's not much idle time left. That's why Len Stoler decided to offer the eVIP Program to all of our e-customers!

What's An eVIP Program?

  • Email reminders that your car is due for service
  • Service coupons delivered right to your email box
  • Freebies and other good stuff sent to you via email
  • Safety recalls delivered via pre-recorded voice messages, text messages, or emails (you choose!)
  • Special offers - customized just for you!

The best thing about Len Stoler's eVIP program is that it's absolutely FREE. All you have to do is provide us with your email address when you purchase a new or used vehicle from us.